The Gutterotica Manisfesto: FUCK ART AND DESIGN!

Amendment 8.v.H8: Predatory Censorship Is How Overly Religious Children Of Hell Play God And Ugly Corporate Whores Fuck Everyone Else Over In The Not Fun Way. And No, Being An "Arreligious" and "Sex-Positive" Progressive Doesn't Excuse Your Sanctimonious Bullshit Either. Link to -- Copy that shit -- Print it on paper -- Spread like the social disease it is.

The only difference between pornography and erotic art is that one needs a bullshit story to justify its existence (an artist's statement,) and/or an euphemistic title to hide that it is what it is. The other has the audacity to stand upon its own merits, as an expression of a human being's baser instincts, without apology or explanation. Gutterotica is a hypocritical compromise that bridges the intellectual honesty gap between erotica and pornography.

Gutterotica functions by presenting imagery common to both pornography and erotica, taken to its most disturbing extreme. Great care must be taken to maintain the humanity of the participants, regardless of how malevolent, objectified or dehumanized they are.

Gutterotica is post-feminist, post-nihilist, horrific, fetishistic, offensive, thought-provoking, contradictory, subcontrary and self-mocking. It is also a deeply spiritual expression in disguise.

Gutterotica is guttural: It gives creative minds the ability to speak with a voice that is at once grating to the general sensibilities of civil society, and pleasing to the ear of those who need an outlet of release. This voice should always be fictional, and it should never be used to harm living beings in the real world.

Gutterotica creators should always make a concerted effort to warn away those individuals whose psyches are not ready this type of expression, as well as persons charged with protecting the well-being of such persons.

When possible, accessibility to gutterotica should be restricted in order to delegitimize cries for censorship or censure. If those who are warned or shielded away from gutterotica chose to ignore the warnings, then the artist is not to blame for this negligence. If the artist purposely denies or destroys the viewer's option to avoid participation in gutterotica, then the artist also destroys his/her credibility as someone able to speak with the guttural voice of this artistic genre.

Shock for shock's sake is not gutterotica. An agreement between the viewer and the creator to be mutual participants in the artist's shocking fantasy world, is essential for gutterotica, as it is a cathartic exercise. Gutterotica is not mental rape. It's consensual mind-kink.

Gutterotica is a psychic gutter: It provides a safe outlet to express frustrations, anger, disturbing desires, hatred, vengeance and the darkest exploratory urges of otherwise responsible and functional adults who are able to distinguish reality and fantasy by providing a metaphorical outlet. Practitioners of gutterotica recognize the benefits and dangers of artistic expression with open eyes.

Gutterotica artists seek to find a balance between social responsibility and brutal art that knows no boundaries. It takes evil imagery from the hands of predators and transforms it into a way for former victims to see the thought process those who treat them as prey, even if there is no desire to comprehend why or sympathize with how the mind of the predator works that way. With this knowledge victims can decisively end the cycle of being prey by developing a trust of instincts and developing an immunity the paralyzing effects of fear.

Gutterotica helps desensitize victims of evil acts by helping them confront their phobias head on. Once desensitization is complete, the artist or viewer that can benefit from gutterotica by looking at the horrific visions objectively. Gutterotica should shock well people into looking at their social conditions, so they can actually do something about it.

Effective gutterotica compels people to ask questions about the horror depicted in the fantasy, as distilled through the reality filters of the artist. If the viewer and the artist can do this with honesty and compassion, then a sensibility will return, but not necessarily to the depictions of evil, but to the causes of evil.

Gutterotica in it of itself judges no one. That's for other people, departments, deities and/or powerful forces to decide. This may include the creator of gutterotica, who may fucking judge what is evil through their art, and deals with it accordingly, through their art. Gutterotica principles say that evil begins when goodness ends or becomes apathetic.

Gutterotica fuctions most effectively when both the viewer and artist are moved to find ways to prevent, fight or create awareness of conditions and situations that foster inhuman behaviors in otherwise "human" beings. Nevertheless, gutterotica is not a psychiatric tool. It can be potentially detrimental to those who are either unable to cope with the past, unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, and those who are too young or immature to understand the power of harsh imagery. It can also be spiritually harmful to people who haven't experience severe spiritual harm.

Gutterotica exists for artists who are ready to face their fears and memories, for those whose experience with evil has been so extreme that traditional methods of group therapy fail to offer an outlet to release the pain, or viewers who are curious about the imagery from an aesthetic, emotional, instinctive and/or philosophical standpoint.

Gutterotic expression takes guts: This artistic approach offers no justifications or apologies. Creative minds that choose this path may find relentless opposition. Gutterotica is not for everyone, and not everyone needs to appreciate gutterotica.

Gutterotica exists for the sake of existing, not public consumption, even if there are times when the public accepts, or even embraces, gutterotica. Gutterotica's application on the human psyche is untested and cannot be verified as a legitimate artistic, philosophical, or psychiatric hypothesis until further analysis can prove or disprove the claims presented in this document. With this in mind, the author of this document can attest to the benefits of the type of creative expression described by this manifesto.

Gutterotic practitioners stand by their fucking art, even if that art does not necessarily represent their personal views. Gutterotic creators stand by their creative principles, even if their creative principles are offensive to others. Gutterotic practitioners stand for the creative freedom of other creators, whether they make mild tripe or go for the guts. Without creative freedom and an ecosystem where it can exist, gutterotica dies.

Whether the effects of gutterotica on the author of this document were simply a fortunate fluke or a verifiable phenomenon, is not relevant. The only thing that matters to is that gutterotica is serving its function. Everything else is for the public and history to decide.

- Nobody Cares Who Wrote This

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